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Mr Uebele
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Breeds (3)
  • Maine Coon
  • large Handsome Cats. Colours   - Tabby, Self-colour, Red, Silver, Smoke, Blue, Tortie, and White - the Whites can also be Blue-eyed or Odd-eyed aand are not deaf as they carry many other colours.  The Coon came from the County of Maine in America  and has been an instant success here. It is a friendly feline,  intelligent and lively -Likes the outdoor life, but needs protected play areas otherwise could be tempted to explore! 

  • Ragdoll
  • Blue-eyed Semi-longhaired Cats - family friendly, sweet-natured, usually basic creamy-white coats, blue, seal, tortie, cream, red, and/or  tabby point markings, some with white feet and some bi-coloured.

  • British Silver Spotted
  • A stunningly marked British Shorthair. Black spots clearly defined on a solid Silver base coat. Strikingly attractive and a superb friendly feline. Short coat so easy maintenance yet with an exotic appearance. Wonderful intelligent family cat/