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Owners Tips and Advice

Our tips and advice section contains lots of useful information on a wide range of pet-related topics including pet health, exercise and play, discipline and taking your pet abroad.

Behaviour and Training

Advice on how to deal with behaviour.

Bringing your kitten home

Information on accessories to buy and how to prepare your home.

Choosing the right kitten for you

Hints on things you need to consider such as age, personality, health and breed.

Feeding your kitten

Important advice on the right kind of food for your cat.

Cat Grooming

Handy tips to ensure that your cat has healthy eyes, ears and a shiny coat.


Keep your cats in optimum health, living a happy healthy long life.


Give your cats the best care and cover them against accidents and illness.

Tips on buying a kitten

A handy list of tips when adopting a kitten.

Vaccinations to give your kitten

Vaccinate your kittens against illnesses and diseases.